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15 Best Eyeliner Pencils in India

Most women place a great value on eyeliner as a must-have product. You can achieve a flawless and distinctive look with only one simple sweep over the eyelids. Your eyes are highlighted by this cosmetic tool, which also enhances your face characteristics. With so many eyeliner pencil options available, it may be difficult to choose the one that complements your eyes and makes them appear bigger and more beautiful without overpowering the rest of your face makeup. We have compiled a list of the top eyeliner pencils available in India to complement your eye makeup to help you make the right decision.

The majority of eyeliner manufacturers provide three different types of eyeliner pencils:

Kohl or pencil eyeliner: It is great for beginners and is straightforward to use. If you apply it to the waterline, it shows your eyes.

Gel eyeliner: It is easy to use and performs well on the waterline and lids of the eyes. For a casual eye look, use it frequently.

Fluid eyeliner: This type of eyeliner typically has a matte finish and is applied with a brush for a defined, sharp appearance.

15 Best Eyeliners in India

1.      FACES Canada Ultime Pro a Matte Made in Heaven Ink Liner

The liner offers every feature a young woman might possibly want. It’s dark, stays on for hours, doesn’t smear, and can be easily removed when you want to take off your makeup. Although it is neither fully dry nor completely matte, it comes between being a bit matte and glossy.

2.      Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner – Blackest Black

For a party look, define your eyes with this sparkly black eyeliner from Avon. With each swipe, a lot of colour is revealed. The eyeliner is creamy and really smooth when applied, and it goes in a detachable pencil. You can easily adjust the thickness to your preference, and it covers your eyes without dragging or pulling. Its unique formulation of vitamins and polymers nourishes your skin and prevents fading.


  • Lasts long
  • Smooth Implementation
  • A creamy texture
  • Diagnostically tested
  • Resistant to water
  • Smear proof


  • Sporadic glittering effect

3.      Lotus Make-Up Opulence Botanical Eye Liner

For those who want natural cosmetics free of chemicals, the Lotus Make-Up Opulence Eye Liner is the ideal option. It lasts a minimum of 24 hours and is waterproof. The eyelashes are given volume by this thick cream, which makes them appear thicker. It features a pen-tip, allowing applications to be incredibly simple. Camphor gives this eyeliner a cooling sensation while almond oil and Vitamin E moisturize the area around the eyes.

4.      FACES Canada Magneteyes Eyeliner

The exceptional dark Faces eyeliner pencil doesn’t smear for a very long time. On application, the dim dark variety will give your eyes that required sharpness. It glides over your eyelid with ease and is waterproof and smear-free. The liner immediately dries up, allowing you to have clearly thin or thick features with just one stroke.

5.      Maybelline New York Drama Gel Eyeliner

With a single stroke, the Maybelline gel eyeliner delivers a solid impression. It is smudge-proof, waterproof, and remains intact for approximately a day and a half. The liner glides through your eyelid to create a smooth, lifeless stroke that flawlessly captures the look of your eyes. It comes with a brush that makes applying eyeliner to the lash line simple. The eyeliner’s rich surface allows it to dry quickly without cracking.

6.       L’oreal Paris Super Liner Gel

The L’oreal Paris Super Liner Gel eyeliner is one of the most affordable and popular options available in India. Even coming from someone who has got small eyes with dark circles, the liner still delivered great dark color and didn’t smirk by any means.

7.      NYX Eyeliner

The Nyx eyeliner pencil comes in a specially designed, twisted tube that doesn’t need to be sharped or doesn’t dry up. When applied, it gives the eyes a crisp black definition and is renowned for its enduring strength. The eyeliner is waterproof and has a saturating effect as well.

8.      L’oreal Paris Flash Cat Eyeliner

L’Oréal Paris created a Flash Cat eyeliner that features an accuracy tip and a stencil to construct even the sleekest of the feline eyes conceivable in order to ensure that your cat eyes are consistently and flawlessly applied.

9.      Lakme 9 to 5 Impact Eyeliner

One of India’s greatest eyeliners, the Lakme 9 to 5 eyeliner provides you with a polished, opulent appearance. It has a comfortable brush handle and is waterproof and quick drying for a powerful, even stroke. With this intense eyeliner, your eyes will appear unique.

10.  Glam you Spanking Precision Liquid Waterproof Lash Eyeliner

This supple, long-lasting, dark eyeliner pencil from Glam You provides just the right amount of depth to give your eyes the ultimate smokey appearance. It is a 12-hour-long, easily formulated eyeliner pencil that is smear-resistant and flowy.

11.  Colorbar Infinite 24 Hours Eyeliner

Another top-ranked pharmacy brand among women is Colorbar, which offers the most value for the money. Their Infinite 24 hours eyeliner is among many different varieties of the customers’ favorite eyeliner. Along with brown and bottle green eyeliner, there is also grey-colored eyeliner.

12.  MeNow Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner Pen

You can get the appropriate thickness with this intense, dark, waterproof eyeliner pen. Your eyes can be adorned for a long time with just one stroke of its application. The dark variety provides you with the perfect smokey appearance.

13.  AYA Feather Eyeliner

To offer you the perfect appearing eyes, the quill eyeliner pencil is designed to glide along your eyelid in one fluid motion. The eyeliner pen provides an intense, profound look with a direct application. Its really black tone is the perfect complement to the color of your eyes.

14.  Chambor Orosa Defining 10h Eyeliner Pencil

The Chambor brand is well-known and trustworthy in India. Their Orosa 10h eyeliner pencil functions as both kajal and eyeliner. If you want to buy eyeliners in India, this favorable item is definitely something to consider.

15.  Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen- Ball Point

When all is said and done, talk about comfort and simplifying the lives of the customers. No other eyeliner pencils in India can compare to Revlon Colorstay’s exceptional quality. It comes with a ballpoint tip that enables you to dab little dots along the top lash line and then easily blends them together to create a smooth line.


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