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6 Most Common A/C Myths

Air conditioning technology has existed for decades now, yet many still believe in certain misconceptions about air conditioners. It is essential for us to move forward and have a clear knowledge about our A/C unit.

Here are some of the most common A/C myths that you should stop believing:

Lowering the thermostat will cool the house faster

Definitely not true! Setting your thermostat lower than it’s supposed to doesn’t have to do with the cooling speed. It doesn’t give your air conditioner any advantage as to how fast your home can reach its ideal temperature. Doing it will only cause your system to fail. It doesn’t do any good at all.

Be sure to set your thermostat correctly as advised by the pros.

Your A/C don’t need maintenance if it is cooling the house properly

If you believe that your A/C does not require any maintenance service, then you should think twice. Just like any other appliances and machines, your A/C unit also requires routine servicing, such as cleaning and inspection.

Lack of maintenance on air conditioning systems leads to premature damage of internal parts, which may result in an early replacement. Whether it’s working optimally or not, maintenance should always be a part of its care. Experts advise that A/C maintenance must be done at least once a year or as indicated in your user’s manual. Contact your trusted HVAC company for A/C repair services in Cleveland, TN or maintenance service. 

Bigger A/C is better

They say, bigger is always better—but not with your air conditioner. Most homeowners believe that bigger A/C is more effective in cooling the house. But the truth is, the physical size of your A/C doesn’t have effect on how effectively it can cool a space.

If you purchased a big A/C for a small room, you may have unnecessarily paid more. Several problems may arise with an incorrect size of A/C, such as dehumidification and air leakage. So when trying to search for “air conditioning services near me” over Google, be sure to land the right company to help you with the A/C selection and installation process.

Fans and coolers are great alternative for an A/C unit

Nothing works better than an air conditioner under extreme heat during the summer. The amount of cooling power an air conditioning unit provides is much greater than that of a fan or cooler. Yes, fans and coolers also have their own significance and are still quite useful in many households, but an A/C unitoffers much better cooling than its counterparts.



It is better to leave your A/C running in full blast at all times

Why do you have to run your A/C when no one’s using it? Cooling your home even when no one is around isn’t a smart way of using your air conditioner. We know you want to keep your home comfortable at all times—and there’s a trick for that without the need to leave your A/C running all day. Do the trick with your programmable thermostat and you’ll enjoy a cool home without having to deal with high energy bills.    

Closing the vents in empty/unoccupied rooms can make the house cool faster

If you believe this, think again! The vents are the exit points of cool air to certain rooms or areas of the house. Closing the vents only allows the cool air to bounce back to the duct and stay there. If you do this, you will definitely be paying for nothing. It only forces your compressor to work harder, which can damage your system.

Trust your guts and instincts. With these air conditioning myths that most people believe, you may fall victim as well.

When you’re confused about your HVAC system, always consult a certified contractor like Ryan Heating & Air.You can count on them in everything HVAC. 


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