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Animated Movies Parents Should Watch With Their Kids

Among the most cherished memories of our childhood, of them are watching our favorite animated movies with our parents and siblings. Watching a good film over a bowl of popcorn with the family has always been a great memory for all of us. We have always awaited this time on the weekends back in childhood.

You may have come through this article recalling these memories and would want to recreate them with your kids. Since this is the era of the digital world, it is very difficult to find time for such moments. However, it is a much-needed way to unwind after your hectic routine. It gives you a chance to spend quality time with your kids. Besides that, animated movies have always brought the same amount of joy to everyone as they used to back in childhood.

This article will provide you with a list of some of the best-rated animated movies that you can watch with your kids.

Before we go, let us first paint you a picture; imagine you are comfortably watching a movie with your family, having the best time, and out of the blue your internet starts acting up. Even the sound of it is enough to make your blood boil, right?

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  1. Monster Inc.

Monster Inc. is a perfect movie to unwind after a hectic day. It is a fun movie that makes you laugh with its adorable characters in every single scene. It is a delight to see all of the colorful monsters in the amazing monster world. The silly adventures of Mike and Sully have us in fits. The kid named Boo is so cute that we often forget that she is just an animated character and not a real kid.

The movie is about two monsters Mike and Sully, who are the topmost scary monsters at the Monters Inc. However, their lives are hugely disrupted when a human girl enters their world. To know how they hide that girl and how they resist her cute childish acts, you must watch the movie with your family and enjoy every second of it.

  1. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is one of the best movies of all time. Even if you have watched it over 100 times, you will still not get bored of watching it again as it is too good. This movie contains a great lesson for your kids, so if you want to teach them to listen to their parents and obey them, then you should watch this movie together.

This movie is about a young fish, Nemo, who is abducted from The Great Barrier Reef and ends up in Sydney. A clownfish named Marlin, Nemo’s father goes in search of him and his well-being. On his journey, he meets Dory who is a forgetful fish and both begin to look for him. To find out if they successfully meet Nemo and if he learns the lesson, you need to watch the movie.

  1. Ratatouille

The movie is about Remy, who is a rat. He wishes to become like the popular French chefs. However, he fails to realize that people never enjoy a meal cooked by him as he is not considered a cook. As expected, he fails every time and realizes that people in the human world are not ready to accept rodents. With the odds of the visible dangers of being an unneeded, and certainly unliked visitor in the kitchen of a fine French restaurant, Remy’s love for cooking never ends and he finally decides to cook one of the tastiest meals anyone could ever taste in France. Watching this movie is a whole new experience and it makes us give a thought to things that we have never done before.

Summing Up:

Watching animated movies with your family is one of the healthiest ways to spend time together. It makes the bond stronger with your family as well as brings you closer to your family. These were some of the movies that you can watch with your family over and over again without getting bored.


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