April 24


Artificial Intelligence and Coding

You must have heard all the big business tycoons and tech entrepreneurs constantly using one word in their conversations and interviews – that is Artificial Intelligence. You might have heard the name before but surely don’t know the changes and the new opportunities it brings into this world.

It is like the dot-com era, where people are skeptical about this new thing and even lack knowledge about it. But like then, it has created many opportunities, and the wealth will be in the hands of people who get the first-mover advantage in this field. Artificial intelligence has also changed the nature of jobs, which has increased the importance of AI and machine learning for coders. Gone are the days of traditional coding and software development, artificial intelligence and machine learning have brought in a whole new level to software development and coding itself.

The biggest effect of artificial intelligence is in the field of software development. Artificial intelligence requires something extra from the existing coders while developing such software and machines.

Artificial intelligence can do many things, like painting, beating chess grandmasters in a tournament, composing songs, etc. And the recent addition to its long list of talents is – Coding. And yes, artificial intelligence can now even code, which creates a kind of a catch 22 situation for the developers and coders. As they are now being challenged with this concept, coders and developers must upskill themselves to compete with their peers and be able to provide value to their employers.

How Should You Start?

Now, let us presume you want to enter the field of artificial intelligence. And currently, you are a software developer or a coder working full-time with your existing employer as it can be difficult for you to juggle between job and education. So, you can opt for the online mode for upskilling yourself in this field. Many genuine and great platforms offer courses at your doorstep, like those from Great Learning. Great Learning’s artificial intelligence certification courses are curated by industry experts in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

First, you should look for a course that encompasses all the necessary perquisites of being a good course. It should be of someone who has had first-hand experience in this field. Being a software developer allows you to have an extra edge over other professionals in this field. So, try to use that to your advantage.


Artificial intelligence surely creates a challenge for working professionals. But we should take up this challenge with a positive mindset. Start working on upgrading yourself to a point where the question of artificial intelligence is a challenge to jobs etc., stop hovering in your mind.

To move with time, we have to learn the new concepts and fields that come with it. And with the high demand for professionals in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this surely explains the importance of AI and machine learning for coders from Great Learning.


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