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Five fun facts about Astrology that you must know!

Astrology is actually more interesting than you have imagined and that is evident by the fact that young people are now getting more inclined towards this amazing science of predicting the future. A lot of youngsters are now expressing their interest in becoming an astrologer due to various reasons. They probably do it because they want to look cool, smart or complex, but whatever it is, it feels great to see them involved into something which is labelled as “silly” by a lot of commoners. Anyway, if you are one of those commoners and yet you want to become an astrologer, then you would find the following fun facts about astrology appealing enough!

You Do Not Need Date of Birth For Predicting Future –

It is a common belief that you are going to need the exact date of birth and time you were born so that the astrologer could make an accurate prediction about your future. Well, it is not completely true. If in case you do not know what exactly your date or time of birth was, then you can ask the astrologer to simply read your palms and it will get you the same results as a date of birth would have had.

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A Person Could Have More Than One Zodiac Sign –

Yes, that is right. A person can have more than one zodiac signs. The best example to justify this statement would be that the person writing this has two zodiac signs – Aquarius and Libra. The person is an Aquarius according to his date of birth and Libra according to his name. Also, Indian astrologers have more than one way to define the zodiac sign of a person which gives them more than one zodiac sign.

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You have the traits of all zodiac signs –

Our bodies are a complex structure which abides the rules made by nature and therefore everything that surrounds our body somehow affects it as well. We have aspects of all the twelve zodiac signs in some quantity of more because we are surrounded by people who have different zodiac signs.

Predictions Which Came True –

There have been many instances wherein people who had no idea of the technology we are using today were able to tell the world what is going to conspire years later from their time. The most famous example being that of Nostradamus predicting the fall of Twin Tower of the USA.

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Sagittarius Celebrities –

Believe it or not, but a majority of celebrities across the globe share a common zodiac sign – Sagittarius. Most of the people in the entertainment industry are born between November and December.

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Bonus – Your Sun Sign Decides Your Favorite Color –

Your Sun sign plays an important role in determining the color you like the most. For example, the person writing this is a Libra and his favorite color is light blue which is a common thing shared by a lot of Libra-ians.

So, these were a few fun facts which would make you take up astrology as a subject in your college or life.


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