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Help! How To Choose A Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal case can turn ugly if you hire the wrong person to do the job. Your lawyer can make a difference between your freedom or life imprisonment if your case is a felony. Your life hangs in the balance if you are facing a criminal conviction. Therefore, talking to a Washington defense law firm can help you find the best lawyer to help you save your family, career, relationships, and reputation.

A knowledgeable, experienced attorney is a real lifesaver. Here are the top things to consider when hiring a criminal lawyer for your case or that of a relative.

1.   Location and availability

You need a lawyer within your travel distance to avoid unnecessary movement and related expenses. Furthermore, the criminal lawyer should be licensed to operate in your locality. Some laws are relevant within certain geographical locations and require a lawyer familiar with the appropriate practice. Only hire a lawyer at your convenience to eliminate insignificant concerns.

2.          Hire experience and talent

A criminal case can turn ugly if treated lightly by the lawyer you hire. A client is always safe when hiring an experienced criminal lawyer because they understand the law and its implications. A seasoned criminal lawyer can foretell a weak case and know how to buy time to collect more evidence. The lawyer also knows when to fight and when to keep it low. Find out how long the lawyer has handled criminal cases and their experience in the court where your claim is being handled.

3.          Specialty in criminal law

Ask your preferred law firm to recommend a lawyer with experience in the courtroom. Some lawyers are negotiation experts and may never have stepped into a courtroom. However, a criminal case requires a lawyer who understands court proceedings and has the guts to face the other lawyer, the prosecutor, and the judge. Avoid hiring a general practice attorney for your defense criminal case because he lacks the experience to negotiate. Hire a criminal lawyer with sharp negotiation skills and experience to fight the charges against you.

4.          Reliable and reputable

Hiring a reputable criminal lawyer is investing in your future. Therefore, find a criminal lawyer with a successful track record. Today, you can read online reviews from former and existing clients to gauge Your lawyer’s performance. Check their website and see what their testimonials have to say. The lawyer will likely duplicate his prowess in your case if they have succeeded in the past.

5.          Your impression matters

Have a face-to-face conversation with your lawyer to get a glimpse of their personality. You will need to confide in your lawyer throughout the court proceedings. Therefore, hire a lawyer who aligns with your personality and one who is motivated to secure your freedom. Dropping one attorney to hire another can be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, hire a lawyer you’re comfortable with and one you believe in.


In a criminal case, there is a thin line between serving a jail term and securing your freedom. Only hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer from a reputable law firm.


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