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How to design a bridal shower invite?

Invitation cards have evolved massively in the past few years. Be it a wedding, a birthday party, or a bridal shower. You need invitation cards to invite people. And everyone wants to get creative with them. However, it can be tricky to finalize a design for your invitation cards. Therefore, we have curated a guide on how to design a bridal shower invite. Read on to find out more about it.


Bridal shower templates

The advent of the internet has made things fairly easy. Instead of going to a graphic designer and spending hundreds of dollars – you can look for invite templates online and whip something of your own. It will give a personal touch to your invitations and you will save money too. All you need to do is be smart with it. Google the keyword bridal shower templatesand check the results. Pick and choose what you like and download the templates after making a few edits.

Use Canva 

Canva – yes you have heard the name before. It is one of the best tools available online that you can use to create something of your own. Without the trouble of having to learn anything about graphic design. All you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and a sense of aesthetics. From the search bar – look for invitation templates and add your touches to the templates to make them personal. One of the best things about today’s world is that you do not even have to get the invites printed, just email or Whatsapp them at your convenience, and the job is done!

You can work with the free version, but if you would like to get some extra perks – you can get the premium version. If you are not sure how to use the tool, just watch a few tutorials on youtube and get started with it.

Hire someone for the job 

If you do not have the time to make something yourself – you can hire someone for the job. Although, it will cost you money do get it done. But you will save tons of time and effort. However, make sure you present the graphic designer with some samples so you get your desired result.

Handcraft them 

Although the world has progressed – one cannot deny the fact that handcrafted things still hold great importance. Therefore, to add a personal touch, you can try crafting your bridal shower invites. It will take more time and effort than creating a digital invite, but it will add value to your invites.

Once you decide on the theme of your bridal shower, you can search Pinterest for a few samples and then craft your own invite. There are many resources available online that can help you create a beautiful handcrafted bridal shower invite for your bridal shower function.


Designing an invite can be a tasking job. Especially in this day and age when there are millions of options available on the Internet to choose from. It can get difficult to choose one design for your invitation cards. However, the invitation cards should draw inspiration from the decor and theme of your party. Once you decide on a theme, you can look for similar options online and design something of your own or hire someone to do the job for you.

Apart from the design, make sure that when you hand out the invites, all the information on the invite is right. For example, the date and time of the event as well as the menu. Also, ensure to provide an RSVP number so that guests can contact you for any further details.


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