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Struffoli recipe, the real Neapolitan original for the holidays

The Neapolitan struffoli recipe concerns one of the most characteristic desserts of the Christmas period, they are delicacies of the Campania tradition.

Origins of struffoli

As for the origins of the struffoli, these seem to date back to the age of the ancient Greeks who seem to have exported them to the Gulf of Naples at the time of Partenope. And it is precisely from the Greek that according to many the name “struffoli” would also derive: more precisely from the word “strongoulos”, or “with a rounded shape”.
According to other theories, this term derives from “rub”, the gesture performed by those who work the dough, to roll it into a cylinder before cutting it into chunks. Still others claim that the struffolo is so called because it “rubs” the palate, that is, it tickles it with its sweet taste.
Although it is a well-known and appreciated preparation, the recipe of struffoli has a wide diffusion only in southern Italy where there are different versions, all more or less similar to the original recipe but with different names: in Calabria “cicirata” or ” turdiddi ”, in Umbria and Abruzzo“ cicerchiata ”and in Palermo“ strufoli ”.

Recipe of Neapolitan struffoli


  • Sugar 40 g
  • 00 flour 400 g
  • Butter for melting 60 g
  • Orange peel 1
  • Eggs (medium) 3
  • Yolks (from a medium egg) 1
  • Salt up to 1 pinch
  • Anise liqueur 15 g

For coverage

  • Colored sprinkles to taste
  • Wildflower honey 175 g
  • Candied orange 30 g
  • Candied citron 30 g
  • Food decoration silver-coated sprinkles to taste
  • Candied cherries to taste

For frying

  • Peanut oil to taste


To make the struffoli, melt the butter and let it cool. In the meantime, place the flour, sugar, eggs, a pinch of salt, the grated orange zest, the melted butter and the aniseed liqueur in a bowl. Start kneading by hand in the bowl, then transfer the dough to a pastry board and knead until a compact and homogeneous dough is created.
This first procedure of the struffoli recipe can also be made with the thermomix.

Once the dough is obtained, cover it with a clean cloth and let it rest for at least 30 minutes at room temperature. After the rest time, take the dough back, divide it into 6/7 equal parts with a tarot or a knife.

With each piece create sticks about 1 cm thick. At this point, cut the sticks into small 1 cm pieces and arrange them on a cloth, being careful not to overlap them.

At this point it is time to start cooking: heat the seed oil in a pot and when it is hot, immerse the struffoli with a slotted spoon. For optimal frying, make sure that the oil reaches a temperature of about 180 ° with a food thermometer, so as not to lower the temperature of the oil, cook a few struffoli at a time. Mix with a slotted spoon to obtain uniform cooking; 2-3 minutes will be enough to get golden morsels at the right point. Once golden, drain and transfer to a tray lined with absorbent paper to dry excess oil.

while you are letting the struffoli cool, dissolve the honey separately in a saucepan over low heat. When the honey has melted, pour the struffoli and stir to mix. Turn off the heat and let it cool, then add the colored sugars.

At this point, cut the candied oranges and citron into small cubes, pour them into the pot with the struffoli and mix gently with a spoon.

At this point the Neapolitan struffoli recipe is over and all that remains is to serve.
Take a serving dish and place a glass jar in the center that will be used to create the crown shape. Spread the struffoli around the jar. Once the honey has solidified, gently remove the jar from the center of the dish. Decorate with candied cherries, silver sprinkles and serve your struffoli 24.


The struffoli can be stored under a glass bell for 3-4 days. You can keep the fried but unglazed struffoli in a tin box for a week; alternatively you can freeze them. If you prefer, you can prepare the dough up to 3 hours in advance and let it rest in the refrigerator.


If you don’t have or don’t like anise, you can safely use limoncello or any liqueur you prefer instead!
If you prefer a lighter cooking than fried, you can cook the struffoli in the oven at 200 ° for 13 minutes. In this way you will have a recipe of the softest and lightest struffoli.
The soft struffoli recipe can be prepared with the thermomix.


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