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“The Shocking Net Worth of Paul Schäfer Revealed: How Did He Amass His Wealth?”

Introduction: The Shocking Net Worth of Paul Schäfer Revealed

Paul Schäfer, the infamous cult leader of Colonia Dignidad, is a name familiar to many of us. His sinister crimes of violence, abuse, and torture are well documented. However, what most people don’t know is that he was also incredibly wealthy. According to recent reports, his net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be $50 million.

But how did Paul Schäfer amass this great wealth? In this blog post, we will explore the different sources of his income and the methods he employed to maintain his power and control over his followers.

Section 1: Who was Paul Schäfer?

Paul Schäfer was born in Germany in 1921. He was a former Nazi and a convicted pedophile, with a dark past that would later reveal itself in Colonia Dignidad. In 1961, Schäfer founded Colonia Dignidad, a secluded community in Chile. Under the guise of a Christian mission, Schäfer established a community that was heavily guarded and isolated from the outside world. Over the years, reports of sexual abuse, torture, and other atrocities emerged, shedding light on the cult’s sinister activities.

Section 2: Sources of Paul Schäfer’s wealth

Schäfer had several sources of income, which allowed him to amass his massive net worth. He had a vast agricultural empire, which included large farms, ranches, and a dairy farm. He also ran a successful poultry business, with over 200,000 chickens. More shockingly, Schäfer’s community was a hub for child prostitution, and he profited from the sale of children to wealthy pedophiles.

Section 3: Colonia Dignidad’s isolation

One of the factors contributing to Schäfer’s wealth is Colonia Dignidad’s isolation from the surrounding communities. The cult was self-sufficient, with its farms and businesses generating revenue. Furthermore, the community’s isolation made it easier for Schäfer to maintain control over his followers, who were cut off from the outside world and its influence.

Section 4: Schäfer’s control over his followers

Schäfer used several tactics to maintain his control over his followers. He created a hierarchical system that put him at the top, with complete authority over his followers’ lives. He restricted their communication with the outside world and exerted influence over every aspect of their lives. Furthermore, he isolated them from their families and friends, creating a deep sense of dependency on him.

Section 5: The downfall of Colonia Dignidad

It wasn’t until the 1990s that the atrocities committed in Colonia Dignidad came to light. Investigations uncovered a network of child trafficking, sexual abuse, and torture. In 2005, Schäfer was arrested and found guilty of several counts of child sexual abuse, among other charges. He died in prison in 2010, leaving behind a trail of horror and a vast fortune.

Section 6: FAQs

Q. How did Schäfer maintain his followers’ loyalty?

A. Schäfer used a combination of tactics, including isolation, indoctrination, and fear, to maintain his followers’ loyalty.

Q. Did Colonia Dignidad have any legitimate businesses?

A. Yes, Colonia Dignidad had several legitimate businesses, including farms, a poultry business, and a hospital.

Q. Who inherited Schäfer’s wealth after his death?

A. Schäfer’s wealth was distributed among his followers, who had remained loyal to him even after his arrest and imprisonment.

Q. How were the children sold for prostitution obtained?

A. Schäfer would obtain the children by abducting them from outside communities or taking them from within the cult.

Q. What was the public’s reaction to the revelations about Colonia Dignidad?

A. The revelations about Colonia Dignidad sparked outrage and led to calls for justice for the victims of the cult’s atrocities and its leaders.

Q. Were any of Schäfer’s followers aware of the crimes being committed in Colonia Dignidad?

A. Yes, some of Schäfer’s followers were aware of the crimes being committed but were too afraid to speak out and go against his wishes.

Q. How did the Colonia Dignidad case impact Chilean society?

A. The Colonia Dignidad case shed light on institutionalized violence and human rights violations in Chilean society and led to reforms aimed at protecting vulnerable groups.

Section 7: Conclusion

Paul Schäfer’s wealth was amassed through a combination of legitimate and illegitimate means. He used his power and control over his followers and the isolation of Colonia Dignidad to maintain his wealth and influence. However, justice was eventually served, and his crimes were exposed, bringing an end to his reign of terror.


Let us learn from the mistakes of the past and work towards building a society where there is no place for abuse, violence, and exploitation of vulnerable groups. Let us come together to create a world where human rights are respected, and justice and equality prevail.


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