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Top 5 dishes to try in New York

Despite there are too many cities to visit in the United States, it is very hard to match the class of New York. Hollywood movies and other major projects have made the situation of this city cut above the rest. 

Even locals in the US love to visit and enjoy the freshness of this amazing city.     

One can’t find deep history like London or Athens in this brick-and-mortar city. However, they can enjoy and feel that how democracy can make many great things possible with hard and smart work. 

Let’s take a look at the top five dishes to try in New York.

5 Hot dog

Hot Dog is utterly famous around the world. Even in remote areas of India, one can find this dish very much easily. However, the aroma of New York is somewhat different. Most of the well-known brands do their level best top-up comes with new ideas. It makes this dish cut above the rest in New York. 

4 Taco

Taco belongs to Mexico. However, it feels as New York has taken over Mexicans in terms of coming up with new ideas. Brands like Taco Bell and all are available in most of the nations. Just like Hot Dog, this dish is not something new. 

The verity of tacos in New York is at another level. 

3 Mughlai Chicken

Mughlai Chicken comes from India but now has some deep roots in the city of New York. Because of more than sufficient number of Indians, Mughlai Chicken has become one of the beloved dishes of people in New York. Hence, the quality has been increased by miles. 

2 Pizza

Americans do love fast food. Therefore, Pizza (dish) is something that attracts the population very well. Italians came up Pizza a long time ago – but New York and other parts of the US have taken this ride to a different trip. 

1 Meat over rice

Meat over rice comes up to the market thanks to street food trucks. This is something one should look to enjoy in New York, US.


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