February 25


Ways to Have Fun While Studying

Studying is taken as very hectic and boring these days whereas it is not, completely. It can be fun while learning. It just takes a laborious mind and enthusiastic nature of the students to take interest in the learning process. Learning process can be an experience of trial. Students can do a lot of things as experiments but they usually don’t give themselves some personal time or have fun while learning. Although it sounds a little weird, it is true that if students can manage, they make their learning and study joyful and full of fun.

Students do want to enjoy learning but they never get the ample amount of time to manage their academic life along with their personal life and this clash never lets them enjoy their life. Students prepare by making a bench mark and in order to achieve that benchmark they attend the classroom on a regular basis and also, they participate in classroom activities with full dedication. Although teachers have started to teach online, they have made learning interesting.

When teachers teach online, they represent their teaching material via projector or through online classes they teach them as much easily as they can. But along with so many facilities there is no such standard that students should focus on making their learning process fun so that their interest should be constant in studying. Students have to study various subjects from different streams hence they need some fun to lighten their minds or else they can get depressed and full of anxiety, let’s have some tips to have fun while studying and make it fun:

  • As far as I remember my days of schooling, I remember I used to listen to mild music or a list of some sweet songs in order to make my mind have some fun and joy so that I can enjoy solving the complex questions of Math. Although it is a fact that learning with extra sound is not possible for anyone, still few people have the ability to learn and study while listening to sweet music. Listening to mild music often makes students feel light in mind and a light mood enjoys the process of learning.
  • To make learning and studying fun one can do one thing more and that is to make learning fun by turning it into games. This can be done through using puzzles, quizzes and flashcards. Using these games related to various subjects and topics makes learning ultimate fun. That is why in elementary schools it can be seen that kids are taught knowledge through rhymes and poems by singing them and making students and kids tap to the tunes of those rhymes and poems.
  • It is a world famous concept that learning with a peer group is a very joyful process to learn or to acquire knowledge of any subject. This is not only motivating but also very joyful and inspiring because students have a chance to share all their thoughts and ideas with each other and can get the most appropriate idea about certain topics, which can make understanding about the topic in the simplest way and students can learn easily. It is said that friends can be the grave distractions and as vice versa they can be the best support too.
  •  Supplements are very necessary support in any work whether any small work of learning work. The same way a student should use proper and interesting stationary items to study. When stationery items are decorative it makes the learning very attractive which makes kids and students take interest in learning. It is also seen that kids enjoy decorating their study materials such as covering their books and textbooks. Hence if it all takes to have decorated books and stationaries so be it and let the kids enjoy their learning.
  • While teaching some subjects teachers should use imagination and creativity to make the learning process a funny one, so that kids should wait for that particular class to attend and enjoy. So, when the teacher teaches stories from the books then he or she should perform role play, in this way students will take interest as well as they will imagine those incidents from the story and in this way, they will learn the story or play very easily. For example, students study the play “Julius Caesar” in English and when the teacher teaches it by playing roles by himself then students remember this whole play very easily and for long-term.


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